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Print out your songbooks – in style!

2009/05/14 | Posted under: Infos

We have promised you this and – yes, now you are able to do so. Just go to one of your songbooks inside your profile and click on Click here to print a collection of all tabs from this songbook. Once you do that, a new page with the collection of all tabs will [...]

Printing of single songs improved!

2009/05/08 | Posted under: Infos

Yes, we have completed the first stage of adding the improved printing functionality. Now you are able to print out songs with chords and tabs without printing the website’s searchbox, various ads, autoscroller tools on the right hand side and so on. Check it out for yourself, we have tested the new functionality in Internet [...]

We will be drastically improving ‘print’ functionality

2009/05/06 | Posted under: Infos

Since one of the most common needs of our visitors is to print out various songs with tabs or chords, we will be drastically improving the printing functionality over the next few days. You can expect to be able to print nice clean versions of individual songs (without the website’s search engine at the top [...]

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