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Improved error reporting

2008/12/16 | Posted under: Tech stuff

In some rare cases, when user interaction went unexpectedly wrong, our server used to return you weird messages that didn’t really tell you much … Well, we have improved that aspect of our website and we hope you will overcome all potential inconveniences easier now. Have fun!

Bug-hunt still in progress

2008/12/12 | Posted under: Tech stuff

We have found and removed a couple of bugs that made the user-experience a little bit confusing from time to time, e.g. when commenting on someone’s performance. Besides that, we are thinking quite a lot about exciting new features for Stay tuned!

Algorithm for finding chords in text …

2008/12/08 | Posted under: Tech stuff

Once again it’s time for a little bit more technical post … You have probably noticed that from time to time you come across a song that has got some chords which don’t show you the pop-up diagram, when you put your mouse over it. Well, it’s what we call “chords detection flaw” and we [...]

More lessons in our Guitar Course

2008/12/04 | Posted under: Infos

Our Free Guitar Course will soon get better than it currently is – we will be hopefully adding quite a few lessons, created with a help by some professional guitar players. Stay tuned!

The Happy December is here!

2008/12/01 | Posted under: Infos

Hooray, the merriest time of the Year has arrived. Is it just me or is everybody feeling somehow different today? Anyhow, let me start this holiday atmosphere by wishing you all the best in your lives, whoever you are and whatever you do. Love, Team

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