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The forum is up

2008/11/27 | Posted under: Infos

Yes, the Guitar Forum has been running for approximately a week now and there are some interesting debates starting already. You can always start using the forum with the same username that you have registered at main website – and you can begin with writing a little something about yourself in this thread. [...]

List of supported browsers

2008/11/23 | Posted under: Tech stuff

This post is going to be a little bit more technical once again … You see, the program that you use to browse the web is called “internet browser”. There are a lot of different options out there and practically each of them displays websites a little bit differently. So, what we have to do [...]

What you’ve been playin’ …

2008/11/19 | Posted under: Tech stuff

We are thinking about the possibility to keep track of the songs you have recently played. That list of recently played songs would be visible only to you and would really help you find the desired song faster if you have played it before. Of course every user would be totally anonymous and those lists [...]

New layout on the first page

2008/11/15 | Posted under: Infos

We’ve come to realize that maybe the most visited songs with chords are a bit more relevant to what you might be looking for than the recently played chords. With that in mind, we have reduced the lists of recently played chords and top performances on the first page and we have extended the list [...]

How about a forum?

2008/11/11 | Posted under: Infos

Yes, we will probably be adding an integrated forum (also known as a board) to This way you will have an opportunity to really get to know each other and to share your guitar-related and everything-else-related wisdom. is visited by more than 100’000 different people every month, so we think we really should [...]

Some improvements to the Course

2008/11/08 | Posted under: Infos

Title says it all. Our free guitar course is constantly being updated so that it would be as helpful as it possibly can be. We have added a .pdf version of chord diagrams for you and a couple of other minor tweaks. Enjoy.

Our FREE Guitar Course is available!

2008/11/04 | Posted under: Infos

As of a few days ago, you are able to reach our new free guitar course from the main page of So far we’ve written 5 weeks of lessons for you and added quite some interesting videos and 3 special freebies for you. Have fun playing!

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