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We will be adding a free guitar course!

2008/10/31 | Posted under: Infos

Yup, you’ve read it right … We have decided to create a free guitar course for our precious visitors (read as: you) and we believe that it will be published some time next week. We hope you’ll like it.

Improved JavaScript on the website

2008/10/27 | Posted under: Tech stuff

We have improved pretty much all of the JavaScript functionality on the website, so those of you who are using modern browsers (Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, …) will be able to experience a much faster user interface and a more stable functionality.

Improved user interface for editing songbooks

2008/10/23 | Posted under: Infos

We were not completely satisfied with the user interface for editing songbooks and adding various songs to them, so we have changed quite a few things and we think it’s quite a lot better now. Even though it is still a work in progress, our songbooks feature is already fully functional and we would like [...]

Improved search function

2008/10/20 | Posted under: Tech stuff

Now that we have our own server, we are able to optimize various database settings in various ways that were not available to us before. This way we have succeeded to optimize our search engine in a way that it returns the search results 30% faster on average – in some cases even 100 times [...]

New technology on YourChords

2008/10/17 | Posted under: Tech stuff

Notice: This post might be interesting only to the tech-savvy visitors. We have rewritten all the JavaScript code on the website so now it is much more elegant and should work even better (if possible). All of the JavaScript code now uses jQuery library. What does that mean? You can expect the website’s user [...]

Finally on a new server

2008/10/14 | Posted under: Tech stuff

The old server really could not handle the load anymore and Google started getting really angry with us … so we had no choice but to move to a new server. So, we have moved to a powerful ServInt VPS which should be more than capable of handling the load. We really hope we have [...]

Some problems with our server

2008/10/11 | Posted under: Tech stuff

Due to popularity of we have had some quite serious issues with our server in the last few days. Quite a lot of our visitors have gotten a message saying that our website is currently not available. We have researched the possible causes and improved some aspects of our code. This way we have [...]

Our index is updated

2008/10/08 | Posted under: Tech stuff

Our algorithms have finished with their hard work and we are really happy to let you know that can offer you 12’500 new songs with chords and 720 new artists! We hope you enjoy all the new trendy songs (and improved versions of older songs). Thank you for visiting our website!

We will soon refresh our index of songs

2008/10/04 | Posted under: Tech stuff

The time has come for us to improve our algorithms even a little bit more and make sure that we always have the most trendy songs indexed for you. We will devote all our time in the following days to refreshing our index and we hope that you will have thousands of new songs to [...]

Songbooks Beta released

2008/10/01 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

A couple of days ago we told you about the new feature on, Songbooks. Now we have released the “beta” version of this feature and we invite you to try it out! “Beta” means that Songbooks already have all the features you need, but we will keep on working to make sure there are [...]

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