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We added a recommendations system!

2008/08/28 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

The time has come for us to show you one of the biggest new functionalities we have prepared for you during the last couple of weeks here at At the end of every song you are now able to find songs, related to the one you just played. The system tries to guess which [...]

Improved AutoScroller

2008/08/24 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

We have improved the AutoScroller function so that it stops scrolling when it reaches the end of the song – not the end of your screen. The first reactions from our users make us more than happy. Enjoy!

We had a meeting …

2008/08/21 | Posted under: Infos

… about new functionality of website. We have come up with some fresh ideas and we think that we will be able to show them to you in a month or two. Always on the mission to make the best place for guitarists, Team

Chord diagrams

2008/08/16 | Posted under: Tech stuff

As you know, each song on website consists of lyrics and chords. Currently we are working on the algorithm that is able to tell lyrics and chords apart and therefore provide you with the chord diagrams that help you play the song correctly.

Special characters

2008/08/12 | Posted under: Tech stuff

Maybe you’ve noticed that some of the songs have problems with the characters (letters) that are less common … for instance č, š, ž, ß, … Currently we are working on that issue and we hope that the whole database will be repaired in a couple of days … Thank you for your patience.

Considering other hosting services

2008/08/09 | Posted under: Tech stuff

The guitar chords search engine is becoming more and more popular. Because we don’t want our visitors to be spending their time waiting for pages to load, we will probably have to migrate to another web server. Anyhow, we believe that when we do it, the website will not suffer at all – we [...]

Song ratings

2008/08/05 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

We have improved the search results that shows to you when you are searching for a specific artist or a song.  From now on you can see the rating of a song (from 0 to 5) at the search results page and you don’t have to click on the song to find out the [...]

Thank you, dear visitors!

2008/08/02 | Posted under: Infos

We think that the time has come for us to thank you all, dear visitors, for taking your time to explore our new project. We are extremely satisfied with your response and with the fact that the number of pageviews gets higher and higher every day … so thank you once again. Now let’s grab [...]

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