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Data about artists on steroids

2008/07/29 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

Well, we’ve survived the birthday party, so it’s time to tell you a few things about the project again. has got interesting data about a huge number of artists, as you probably know. Well, the number has just gotten hugeR. Now you are able to find interesting data about 4058 different artists! Yup, more [...]

Celebrating a birthday!

2008/07/23 | Posted under: Infos

Well, not the website’s birthday, is still less than 2 months old. Practically not even a toddler. Nope, today is the birthday of Team’s leader, Anze. Yaaay! Congrats!

Fixed some bugs again …

2008/07/20 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

There have still been a few bugs … one of them was quite funny, nonetheless. You know that you can use the AutoScroller with keys on your keyboard (0, 1, 2, 3, …), right? Well, the funny things is – when you are writing a comment about the chords and you press Shift + 2 [...]

Mooore new songs with chords!

2008/07/16 | Posted under: Infos

We are slowly approaching the magical number – 200’000 different guitar chords and tabs! Currently we are somewhere around 180’000, which is more than impressive, we believe. So go out there and have fun playing all your favourite songs … that’s what a part of our team does all day long anyways.

Audio performances …

2008/07/10 | Posted under: Infos, Tech stuff

As we’ve told you a couple of weeks ago, we are still looking for a web service that would help you post your audio performances … We’ve reviewed quite a few, but every one of them seems to have a few flaws … We will keep on looking and we hope that you’ll be able [...]

Some of the upcoming functionality already being tested

2008/07/05 | Posted under: Infos

We are happy to tell you that you can expect quite a lot of new stuff on archive in the next 2 weeks or so. We are coding new stuff as we speak and some of it is already being tested, which means that soon you’ll be able to use it. But we’ll keep [...]

Busy time of the year

2008/07/01 | Posted under: Infos

We’ve all been really busy recently, but that doesn’t mean that our favourite guitar chords search engine gets less attention. We are preparing a whole lot of new functionality for you, but it’s still “in the making”. Over and out.

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