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Palabras Sin Nombre
D -----------------
La ----------2--3--0
E -0--3--0---------
(3 veces)

Aqui esta la historia
                    Dm         C-Em
a quien quiera escuchar
es la triste historia
de quien quiso regalar
   C       Em    Am
la luna sin preguntar
         Em      F         C-Em-Am
cuantas veces, tenia una razon
        Em            F        
cuantas veces, fueron dos

D -----------------
La ----------2--3--0
E -0--3--0---------

Lagrimas no brotan
                     Dm        C-E
si uno no quiere llorar
Mas el tiempo pesa
y uno no puede olvidar
    C    E     Am
el dia ya se oculto
        Em     F           C-Em-Am
si el otoño no te quiere dejar
      Em     F     
el invierno llegara

Am          Dm
y aqui en la noche
C             E               Am
no encuentro lugar donde descansar
y aunque lo intente
C           E
palabras sin nombre

(se repite 2 veces)
E  -----------------------------
B  ---5--3--1-------5--3--1-----
Sol ------------2-------------2--

E  -------------------------3--------------
B  --------1-------1--3--5-----5--3--1-----
Sol --0--2-------2-----------------------2--

Am        Em   F        C-Em-Am
cuantas veces tenia una razon,
          Em         F        
cuantas veces fueron dos
Am    Em      F          C-Em-Am
si el otoño no te quiere dejar
      Em         F   
el invierno, llegara...

E  --------------------------------------------------
B  ---5--3--5--6-----5--3--5-------------------------
Sol -------------------------5--7--9--7--5--4--5------

E  --------------------------------------------------
B  ---5--3--5--6----8--6--5----5--3------------------
Sol ----------------------------------5--7--9---------

E  --------------------------------------------------
B  ---5--3--5--6----8--6--5--------------------------
Sol ----------------------------7--5--7---5--4--5-----

E  -----------------5--------------------------------
B  ---5--3--5--6-------6--5----5--3------------------
Sol ----------------------------------5--7--9---------

E  --------------------------------------------------
B  -------------3--5--6-----8--6--5------------------
Sol ----3--4--5-----------------------7--5--7--5--4--5
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About the artist behind Palabras Sin Nombre:

Duncan Dhu - En algun lugar

40 second sample from Duncan Dhu "En algun lugar" , from the album Grito del Tiempo.

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Duncan Dhu was a Spanish group created in Spain San Sebastián in 1984. Their original members were Mikel Erentxun (former singer in "Aristogatos"), Diego Vasallo and Juan Ramón Viles (former members of "Los Dalton").

Their style was based on an acoustic and simple pop-rock with a touch of rockabilly in great contrast with the more radical rock played in the area at the time. After being hired by 'Grabaciones Accidentales, S.A.' they contributed with two songs (Mi Amor and Bésame Mucho) to the new bands compilation La única alternativa (The Only Alternative).

In 1985 they recorded their first album, Por Tierras Escocesas (Around Scottish Lands), and Canciones (Songs) a year later, both produced by Paco Trinidad. The songs were immediately successful and gave them big popularity. After even more successful El Grito del Tiempo (The Cry of Time, 1984) and Grabaciones Olvidadas (Forgotten Records, a compilation of B-Sides, 1989) they became a duo and recorded the double album Autobiografía (Autobiography), with collaborations by Black and Sam Brown among others. They later also had several hits such as "Esos Ojos Negros" ("Those Black Eyes") and "En Algun Lugar" ("In Some Place"). They finally came to a close as a band with their final cd, "Crepusculo" which was more orchestrated and softer than their older music.

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