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Far Behind Chords

INTRO -	E(Run)

E					E
Take leave	The Conscious mind	Found be so inclined
E					E
Why-I   sleep in discontent?		Oh the price of companionship

G#	          C#			     F#		         A
Ahhhh my shadow runs with me		Underneath the big wide sun
G#	   C#				       F#                 A
My shadow comes with me			as we leave it all...we leave it all
Far Be-	hind

	E				E
Ahhhh empty pockets will 		allow a great sense of wealth
E					E
Why contain yourself			Like any other book on the shelf

	G#	C#m			      F#		A
Ahhhh my shadow lays with me		Underneath the big wide sun
G#	C#m				      F#		  A
My shadow sleeps with me		as we leave it all...we leave it all
Far Be-	hind

(Finger Picked)
A	B		A			  B             A
Subtle voices in the wind		Hear the truth they're telling
A	B		      A		           B	       E
A road begins where the road ends	Watch me leave it all behind
Far Be-	hind
All Behind

Notes - Intro and Verse - play a regular E major chord / not a barred on the 7th fret E)
Verse - lift your middle finger off and on the second fret. (you simply have to figure 
the pattern of the E chord with the A string open or fretted on the second fret.)
Intro -  has a run on the A string 2, 0, 2, 5, 7 (notes B,A,B, D, E)

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About the artist behind Far Behind Chords:

Eddie Vedder (born December 23, 1964) is the lead singer and one of three guitarists for the rock band Pearl Jam. He is notable for his "golden baritone" vocal style,[5] and is considered a cultural icon of alternative rock.[6]

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