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Baba Tab
			     BABA - Alanis Morissette
Tabbed by: Rohit George

Tuning: e B G D A E

I've seen the wrong tabs everywhere. This fits perfectly. Jam with CD to get the feel.

Intro and Verse:

x:mute (slightly, to give the harmonic touch)

       F#                      G



i've seen them kneel
      G      F#                   G
with baited breath for the ritual
i've watched this experience raise
     G   F#                  G
them to pseudo higher levels
F#                               G
i've watched them leave their families
     F#                    G
in pursuit of your nirvana
F#                        G
i've seen them coming to line up
F#                          G
from switzerland and america

Chorus 3x

   F#        - G  -F#

Riff Fill

F#                       G
how long will this take baba
F#                       G
how long have we been sleeping
F#                       G
do you see me hanging on to
      F#          (riff fill)
every word you say
F#                  G
how soon will I be holy
F#                      G
how much will this cost guru
how much longer 'til you
G           F#       
completely absolve me

i've seen them give their drugs up
in place of makeshift altars
i've heard them chanting
kali kali frantically
i've heard them rotely repeat your
teachings with elitism
i've seen them boasting robes and
foreign sandalwood beads
i've seen them overlooking god in
their own essence
i've seen their upward glances
in hopes of instant salvation
i've seen their righteousness
mixed without loving compassion
i've watched you smile as
the students bow to kiss your feet

Chorus last lines change as follows

Gimme strength o holy one!
How long till enlightenment
How much longer till you
Completely absolve me

F#   G
Ave Maria (repeat)

Mail me if you have any hang-ups. Or have any clue as to what is being done during that
vocal solo (quiet one) in the middle.

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About the artist behind Baba Tab:

Alanis Nadine Morissette (born June 1, 1974) is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress. She has won twelve Juno Awards and seven Grammy Awards, and has sold more than 55 million albums worldwide.[1][2] Morissette began her career in Canada, and as a teenager recorded two dance-pop albums, Alanis and Now Is the Time, under MCA Records. Her international debut album was the rock-influenced Jagged Little Pill, which is the best-selling debut album by a female artist in the U.S., and the highest selling debut album worldwide in music history.[3][4] According to RIAA and United World Charts, Alanis is defined as the biggest selling female rock artist in music. Her following album, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, was released in 1998 and was a success as well. Morissette took up producing duties for her subsequent albums, which include Under Rug Swept, So-Called Chaos and latest release Flavors of Entanglement. Alanis became an American citizen in 2005.[5]

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