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Your All I Need Chords
youre all i need

a         b           c
i know that she's waiting
d          a        A#
for me to say forever
B#m        F#m
i know that i sometimes
G             c            a
just dont know how to tell her
Bm            F#          a
i want to hold and kiss her
d                 Bm
give her my love, make her believe
she doesn't know

G                          Em
youre all i need beside me girl
c                          d
youre all i need to turn my world
G                           Em        
youre all i need inside my heart
c                           d
youre all i need when were apart
Em                 d
youre all that i need

i know that she's always

there when i need her love and

i know that i never

told her how much i love her

i see her face before me

i look in her eyes wondering why
she doesn't know (3x)

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About the artist behind Your All I Need Chords:

White Lion is a glam-rock band that was formed in New York City in 1983 by Danish-born vocalist Mike Tramp and guitarist Vito Bratta. Mainly active in the 1980s and early 1990s, the band achieved double platinum status, with their #3 hit "When the Children Cry". White Lion disbanded in 1992, but was reformed again by Mike Tramp in 1999 with all new musicians.

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