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Alabama - Night Moves, off Pennied Days - 2016

No official lyrics yet, so ill try to get them right. - please comment and rate!


  F#           Ebm
Maybe im Just an animal
  B              F#
Trapped out in the cage
  F#           Ebm
Waiting for my handler
  B                       F#
To release me just to go all day
  F#                Ebm
Could play, iv been patient
  B                  F#
For ya now its just a game
  F#             Ebm
But maybe im Just an animal
  B                    F#
Waiting for the lights to fade


  B       Db    F#
Now tonight im mine
  B       Db    F#
Now tonight im nine
  B       Db     F#     Ebm
Now tonight, if i may know
   B         Db         F#               Ebm
Ill feel it inside, but now its just not planned
  B                  Db          F#
To wait another, to wait another day


  F#           Ebm
Maybe im just animal
  B              F#
Stone creek in a cage
  F#           Ebm
And maybe your just too beautiful
  B              F#
And its too hard to take
  F#                Ebm
But i feel its been gone too long
  B              F# 
Dont see to it take
  F#                 Ebm
Wonder while in suit theres the moments that do,
  B              F#
Ah how we do


  B                F#
Undress, undress your lines
       B              F#
We dont get along, get along all the time


  F#               Ebm
maybe im Just an animal
     B            F#
Trapped out in your cage,
  F#               Ebm
And maybe your something beautiful
     B             F#
Something thats it contain


     B               F#
Get along! Get along in time
You just guessed my clues, 
Let go me, and be cool


F#      Ebm       B   F#
I wanna love you tonight x2 
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