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Cherry Blossoms
Capo 7

G - 320033
C - x32033
Em - 022033
D/F# - 200233
Am - x02233

Through my window, cold wind blowing
I can't take this
                 C      Am
I can't take no more

Cars they race by, burning headlights
                              C      Am
In the mirror, I watch myself cry
Em                     C
Play me a simple song, so I can sing along
G                          D/F#               C
Cherry blossoms in spring, they mean everything
In my soul I'm aching to grow
                                C      Am
Longing for a love I've never known
My own life has taken its toll
                                 C       Am
Drunk on whiskey, God don't let me go
Em                      C
Play me a simple song, so I can sing along
G                              D/F#
Cherry Blossoms in spring, and all the joy that it brings
Em                               C
Cause I've been out on the road, driving with no place to go
G                           D/F#
From Cheyenne out to Frisco, I'm dying to find me
 a home

Take me home,
Take me home,
Take me home,
Take me home..

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