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Capo 1

I can tell you now the lyrics aren't 100% correct- this is just how I sing the song 
without mumbling...


A part of me, I call a stranger
This part of me, I found in danger
We saw the night, you fessed it out
  F                                 C
Across time, wearin' my heart’s smile

C  F

All too dark, words left to finish
We tread, the ground, over my head
All the skie was pine, tress off your neck
             F                               C
From where love was found, rolled up in chains

C  F

Am                 Em                  F
When I tried the search to find the cause
Am                    Em              F
In your eyes I’ll lose my mind in colors

In an old- world I know not
In the August night, we hear the train sound
All again, songs soft fell left
         F                          C
The vacant sign my soul will not keep

C     F

Am                  Em              F
Supine all the fettered lines to know
Am                           Em               F
It’s rendered right we'll take our time to grow
Am               Em                    F
I'm the firefly dim my lights, and soul
Am              Em
Your the one I did deny
C                  F
I’ll follow one she sits inside
Am              G               C
Upon the one I cant deny...
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