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La Femme Accident
La Femme Accident - OMD
Tabbed by Del Bradley    Capo on 5
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C G F C G Am C G C G

[Verse 1]
   C         G
la femme accident’s
    C              G
got everything you want
    C             G
you never have to know
    Am            Em
you never have to show
      G                     C    C G  C G
she’s hanging on your every word

[Verse 2]
    C              G
she clings to your heart
    F               G
she won’t let you depart
C              G          
ohhhhh this is mine
          Am               Em
but she’s with you all the time
      G             A       C     C G  C G
she’s crying like a fragile child

but if you get to know her
she’s not a little girl
and if she gets to know you
    G                A         A
you can’t escape her worrrrrld

[Verse 3]
   C         G
la femme accident
  C             G
a woman full of want
    C             G
her hearts on the line
    Am             Em
you haven’t go the time
    G                 Am      C   C G  C G
she suffers like some Joan of Arc

    G                    C       Am      D7  C  C G F G
she says there’s just no justice in this Wor-ld
      G        Am    C     C G  C G
she’s paradise for a da-ay

[Verse 4]
   C         G
la femme accident
     F                Em
what reason could you want
     G           Am    C   C G  C G
just use her and turn away

[Verse 5]
   C         G
la femme accident
    F              Em
got everything you want
      G              C    C G  C G
she’s paradise for a day

[Outro fades out]
C G F C G Am C G  C G F C G Am C G  C G F C G Am C G
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