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Intro: C

I’m one… I’m child … 
         Em                   F
I’m the saint who marches in love
I’m the paint… electric pain 
         Em             F
bolt of thunder in the rain
I’m the blood … I’m the key…
         Em                F
You are evergreen who blessed in union
         C                 Dm      
Let them born in to this world … 
          Em             F
let them sing into the sky

C             Dm   Em          F         
I will be fading … I will be fading … 
       C         Dm
and I will be fading
           Em           F
As your child … as your child …
Don’t let go… don’t be frightened… 
        Em                   F
don’t be scared and don’t be late
I’m one … I’m child … 
         Em                   F
I’m the saint who marches in love

C     Dm      Em      F

C               Dm
I’m your child … I’m your child …
           Em             F
I’m your child … I’m your ma … ma … ma …

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About the artist behind Child:

Nidji is a band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Formed in 2002, Nidji's name comes from the Japanese word niji, meaning 'rainbow'.

Their music can be classified under alternative pop genre. The band consists of Giring (vocalist), Andro (bassist), Run-D (keyboardist), Rama (guitarist), Ariel (guitarist), and Adri (drummer). They have released six singles so far singles "Child", "Sudah", "Hapus Aku", "Kau dan Aku", "Disco Lazy Time" & "Biarlah".

Their debut album, "Breakhtru'" was released in 2006 with the English language version released the following year. The second, "Top Up", was recently released in 2007.

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