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Food Glorious Food
Food Glorious Food from Oliver

F (x33211) (don't play low e)
F+ (x4x211)
Dm7 (x5x211) (aka F6)

F                            F+
Is it worth the waiting for? If we live till eighty four
Dm7                F+
All we ever get is gruel!
F                            F+
Every day we say our prayer, will they change the bill of fare?
Dm7                          Am7
Still we get the same old gruel!

Bb                           Am7
There's not a crust, not a crumb can we find, 
       F7                    Bb
can we beg, can we borrow, or cadge,  ["cahdge"]
             Am7                      C
But there's nothing to stop us from getting a thrill
        Dm7                     Gm7   G7
When we all close our eyes and imagine

[Verse 1]
C               Gm7    C7
Food, glorious food,
F               G7
Hot sausage and mustard!
C                  Gm7    C7
While we're in the mood
F               G7
Cold jelly and custard!

C                 Dm7   G7
Peas pudding and saveloys
Dm7               C
What next is the question?
Em             Am7
Rich gentlemen have it, boys
D7      G7

[Verse 2]
C               Gm7    C7
Food Glorious food,
F               G7
We're anxious to try it
C                  Gm7    C7
Three banquets a day
F               G7
Our favorite diet

C                 Dm7     G7
Just picture a great big steak
Am7                 D7     Ab7
Fried, roasted, or stewed, oh!
C     Am7        D7               Dm7
Food! wonderful food! marvelous food!
 G     C              G7
glorious food!

[Verse 2]
C               Gm7   C7
Food glorious food!
F               G7
don't care what it looks like
C                  Gm7   C7
Burnt underdone crude
F               G7
don't CARE what the cooks like

C                 Dm7   G7
Just thinking of growing fat
Dm7             C
our senses go reeling
Em             Am7
One moment of knowing that
D7       G7
Full up feeling

[Verse 3]
C               Gm7    C7
Food glorious food
F               G7
What wouldn't we give for
C                  Gm7    C7
That extra bit more
F               G7
That's all we live for

C                Dm7   G7
Why should we be fated to
Am7             D7     Ab7
Do nothing but brood  on 

C     Am7      D7             Dm7             D7              F
Food! Magical food! Wonderful food! Marvelous food! Fabulous food!
          G7              C
Beautiful food! Glorious food!
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