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Best Of Intentions Chords
Best of Intentions
performed by: Travis Tritt

tabbed by: Alan Rayl (

capo on the 1st fret, all chords relative

C         D        Em         G

C                               D
I had big plans for our future

Em                                     G
Said I'd give you the whole world somehow

C                                     D
I tried makin' good on that promise

Em                                           G
Thought I'd be so much further by now

C                                  D
Never could build you a castle

Am                                               C
Even though you're the queen of my heart

G                                  C            D         G    C   G
But I've had the best of intentions from the start

C                                         D
Now some people think I'm a loser

Em                                   G
'Cause I seldom get things right

C                                        D
But you make me feel like a winner

Em                                                 G
When you wrap me in your arms so tight

C                                  D
Please tell me you will remember

Am                                 C
No matter how much I do wrong

G                               C            D     G   C   G
That I had the best of intentions all along


      C                            D                             G
I gave you a ring and I promised you things I always thought we'd do

             F                                 C
But my best laid plans slipped right through my hands

To show my love for you

           Em                      C
And if you could read my heart

                   G                 Em
Then you'd know without exception

           Am            C     D      G    C    G
It was all with the best of intentions


C                                D
So here I am asking forgiveness

            Em                     G
And praying that you'll understand

C                                   D
Don't think I take you for granted

        Em                            G
Girl, I know just how lucky I am

C                                          D
Though you deserve so much better

         Am                             C
You won't find devotion more true

G                                      C
'Cause I've had the best of intentions

G                                   C
Girl, I've had the best of intentions

G                                    C            D      G   C   G
Yes, I've had the best of intentions lovin' you

This is my first tab submittal.  I hope you like it.  I dedicate it
to my former fiance, Brenda Douglas.  I still love her and hope
someday our time will come.

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About the artist behind Best Of Intentions Chords:

James Travis Tritt (born February 9, 1963 in Marietta, Georgia) is a Grammy award-winning American country music singer-songwriter and occasional actor, more commonly known as Travis Tritt.

Starting with the debut single release of "Country Club" in 1989, Travis Tritt has charted more than thirty singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including five Number Ones. His first and third albums -- 1989's Country Club and T-R-O-U-B-L-E -- have each achieved platinum certification by the RIAA, while his albums It's All About to Change (1991), Greatest Hits: From the Beginning (1995), and My Honky Tonk History (2004) have each achieved gold status.

He has also received two Grammy Awards in his musical career, both awards for Best Country Vocal Collaboration: in 1992 for "The Whiskey Ain't Workin'", a duet with Marty Stuart, and again in 1998 for "Same Old Train", a collaboration of more than ten country music artists. In addition, he has received three awards from the Country Music Association, and is a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Tritt continues to tour and record country music; his most recent album, The Storm, was released in 2007 on Category 5 Records.

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