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Fireflies Chords

C    G D C    G D G

[Verse 1]

Em            G
grim tales by fairy lights
D                  Am
we sat mesmerised, mesmerised
G     Am  G
dancing iridescence
D                 Am         C G Am
in your eyes like fireflies
C               G
partners in devilment
D                   Am
we grabbed each day, unafraid
Em                    G
but the cold hands of consequence
D                        Em          Am
broke the spell and wrecked the game


C           Bm    G   D     Am
oh, the sun went down today
C           G         D   Am
for reasons you wont say
  C       G          D
and I just cant look away
from those fireflies


C  G  D Am C G D Am

[Verse 2]

C            G
naked rage or self-defense
D                   Am
will we ever know, who'll let go
no remorse or penitence
D                 Am
can save the raft from the undertow


C           Bm    G   D     Am
oh, the sun went out today
C           G         D   Am
and the colours burned into gray
  C       G          D
but I just can't look away
from those hurting eyes


C  G  D Am C G D Am C G D Em C G D Am 

[Verse 3]

C        Bm       D
we hurt, we grieve(how could we imagine this would be)
Am      D      
we dont concede
Em        Bm
we hide, we blame(we believed that the world would stay the same)
D             Am              C   G  C
our illusions wont efface the pain 
it remains


C       G         D    Am
the sun went out today
C            G        D Am
for reasons I cant say
        C   Bm  G            D
and the colours died in the pale
Am  C            G       D   Am
oh, the sun went out today
C               G    D   Am   C    Em
and I just cant look away from those fireflies


Am        Em 
tales and satellites
all that remain

turn back the day
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