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The Worms Crawl In Chords
This is my first attempt at tabbing this song, so there will be errors; this is just how 
I learned to play it. I couldn’t find any detailed lessons, just the chords themselves. 
I had to tab it by myself.Capo: None required, but play it with whatever 
you feel comfortable with. Also, if 
you transpose it up or down 
just note that it changes 
only the chord names. You must figure out the tabbed notes for yourself.

Before we begin, this is an arpeggiated song. You can strum it if you want (the strum pattern 
is just two down 
strokes for Am, one for F, one for E) but I find it much better if you arpeggiate the chords.
Here is a basic tab of the song. Once you reach the end, loop back to the beginning.
  Am          F      E

Did you ever think as a hearse goes by
F                E 
You might be the one to die?
They wrap you up in a bloody sheet
F                E
Cover you up for about six weeks.

They put you in a painted box
F                  E
Seal it tight with girders and locks
All goes well for maybe a week
F                   E
Then the parasites start to eat.

The bugs crawl in the bugs crawl out
F                E
They play poker on your snout
They’ll chew through your eyes, they’ll bite your nose
F                         E
They’ll eat the fungus between your toes.

A purple fly with pulsating wings
F                         E
Flies in your stomach and out your thing
Try as you might your stomach explodes
F                    E
Blood comes out like whipping cream.

The bugs come out and some worms come in
F                             E
Your intestines boil and your blood starts to thin
All the worms crawl out in a mass
F                           E
Your eyes fall out and your skin turns black.

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