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Holly Jolly Christmas Chords
[]Lyrics&music by Johnny Marks.

Holly Jolly Christmas sung by Burl Ives (1962)

   [G]      [C]      [G7]    [C]
1. Have a holly, jolly Christmas,

         [C]         [Edim].  [G]
It's the best time of the year.

[G7]      [Cdim].   [G7]          [Edim].
I don't know if there'll be snow,

    [G7]     [Fdim].  [C]      [G9]
But have a cup of cheer.

          [C]      [G7]    [C]
2. Have a holly, jolly Christmas,

         [C]        [Edim].    [G]
And when you walk down the street,

[G7]  [Cdim].    [G7]          [Edim].
Say hello to friends you know,

    [G7]   [Fdim].   [C]
And everyone you meet.


[F]           [Em]
Ho, Ho, the mistletoe,

[Dm7]        [G7]      [C]
Hung where you can see,

[Fdim].[G7]  [Am]        [Am7]
Somebody waits for you,

[D9]   [Am7] [D7]       [G]  [G7]
Kiss her once for me.

  [G]      [C]      [G7]    [C]
3.Have a holly, jolly Christmas,

       [C]        [Edim].  [G]
And in case you didn't hear,

[G7]     [Cdim].  [G7]     [C]    [C/B]  [Am7] [Am7/G] [D7]    [Dm7]  [G7]
Oh, by golly, have a,  Christmas, this 

Bridge again:

Third verse, again.

A golden '60's oldie from Kraziekhat!

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About the artist behind Holly Jolly Christmas Chords:

Burl Icle Ivanhoe Ives (14 June 1909 – 14 April 1995) was an Academy Award winning American actor and acclaimed folk music singer. He won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the movie The Big Country and was the voice of Sam the Snowman in the 1964 animated film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; however, he is probably better remembered for his music. The prominent music critic John Rockwell has been quoted in the New York Times as saying that "Ives's voice... had the sheen and finesse of opera without its latter-day Puccinian vulgarities and without the pretensions of operatic ritual. It was genteel in expressive impact without being genteel in social conformity. And it moved people."[1]. He was really liked by various artists including Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Van Morrison and many other various artists. Many people loved the way he was a very kind, gentle, quiet man and he was loved by loads until his death in 1995.

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