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Shes Leaving Home
Song  :She's Leaving Home
Artist:Orange and Lemons

Sa tingin ko kc prng ganto lng un...
  pki rate nlng..

Intro: G-C(4x)

Verse1  : 
          G               C
          She's leaving home
                        G         C
          she's leaving me alone
              G          C
          She no longer needs
                  G        C
          my love anymore

          she said lets end up this way
          you can go on your own
          im going my way
          You know it hurts inside
          i just cant take it
          and as the tears go by
          there's nothing i can do about it

Chorus  :
          G            C
          Why? tell me why, tell me
          G            C
          why, tell me why you said
              G            C
          goodbye, tell me how, tell me
          G           C
          how could i live without your
          G             C
          love. Tell me when, tell me
          G             C
          when, tell me when, when are you
          coming back again
          coming back again
          Em                Bm
          coming back again to me.

(do verse1 chords)
Verse2  :
          Now that your gone
          i think up things were done
          And all about happiness
          will shed as one

(do refrain1 chords}
          Your name i always whisper
          with know that you hear it
          feel it just the same
          i just understand 
          and think about it
          that maybe in the end
          its you and me again

(tnx.... -warheart_tmac)
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