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Corazon Delator Chords
* Soda Stereo                                     *
* CORAZON DELATOR                                 *
* Gustavo Cerati                                  *
* Doble Vida(Dia Comun) (1988)                    *

     Em   G9
        Un senuelo
       Em     G9
     hay algo oculto en cada sensaci0n
     Am     C9
        ella parece sospechar
        A7     CMaj7
     parece descubrir en mi
     CMaj7       B7sus4-B7
        los vestigios de una hoguera

     F#m   F    Em
     oh mi coraz0n se vuelve delator
     F#m   F

     Por descuido
     fui victima de todo alguna vez
     ella lo puede percibir ya nada puede impedir en mi
     es el curso de las cosas

     oh mi coraz0n se vuelve delator
             D/C   A-g
     se abren mis esposas...

     Em     C
     un suave latigo
     Em     C
     una premonici0n
     Bm    Bb   F  D  C
     dibujan llagas en las manos

     un dulce palpito
     la clave intima
     se van cayendo de mis labios
     (mantra)  D-C-A-g

     Un senuelo
     hay algo oculto en cada sensaci0n
     ella parece sospechar
     parece descubrir en mi
     que aquel amor
     es como un océano de fuego

     oh mi coraz0n se vuelve delator
     la fiebre volvera de nuevo

     Un suave latigo ...

     Un dulce palpito
     la clave intima
     se van cayendo de mis labios...

     D   C     Em
     Como un mantra
     de mis labios
     de mis labios

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About the artist behind Corazon Delator Chords:

Soda Stereo is an Argentine rock power trio formed in 1982 (see 1982 in music) consisting of guitarist and vocalist Gustavo Cerati, bassist Zeta Bosio and drummer Charly Alberti. The band established what would become the template for many other popular Spanish-speaking pop and rock music groups: clever, often mysterious lyrics, pleasing musical arrangements and an elaborate and glamorous aesthetic image.

With the release of albums such as Signos, Doble Vida and Canción Animal, Soda Stereo became one of the most critically acclaimed Argentine rock bands, being the first one to tour through Latin America, and achieving a success that no other local rock band had achieved before.[1]

In 1997, after a farewell tour through various countries and finally Argentina, they disbanded due to personal problems between the members and different artistic criteria.[2] On September 20, Soda Stereo played their last show, in front of 75,000 people at the Estadio Monumental (or River Plate Stadium) in Buenos Aires.[3][4]

On June 9, 2007, amid rumours about a reunion,[5] a tour named "Me Verás Volver" was announced, which started on October 19 at the River Plate stadium.[6]

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