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    Gadd9    Dsus4

I think the guitar in the song plays a normal G, but this way you can play the 5 
on the e string to mimic the synth/keys sound; so only play that note when it's 
normally played, don't just strum it throughout


Gadd9 x4  D x3  Bm x1


Send your dreams
             D       Bm   Gadd9
Where nobody hides
Give your tears
        D    Dsus4 D  Bm G
To the tide


       D  Bm  G
No Time
No Time


G D(sus4)  Bm   G


                                D   Bm  Gadd9
There's no end, there is no goodbye

           D     Bm  G
With the night


       D    Bm G
No Time
       D    Bm G
No Time
       D    Bm G
No Time

etc for the outro

*Occasionally in the outro when going from a D to a Bm the bass note of the D will 
drop a halfstep to a C#, ie (x00232 -> x4x232 -> x24432)
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