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Not Like The Movies
Artist: Katy Perry
Song: Not Like the Movies
Album: Teenage Dream

Capo 1

[Intro] G Em Bm D x2

[Verse 1]

G          Em              Bm       D                 G
 He put it on me, I put it on, like there was nothing wrong
           Em             Bm     D               G
 It didn't fit, it wasn't right, wasn't just the size
              Em            Bm
 They say you know,when you know
 D       G     Em  Bm D
 I don't know, oh oh oh

[Pre-Chorus 1]

C         D                  Em       Bm
 I didn't feel The fairytale feeling, no
    C          D             Em       Bm
 Am I a stupid girl for even dreaming that I could

[Chorus 1]

G        C            F
 If it's not like the movies
G   C           F
  That's how it should be, yeah
G              C              Em
 When he's the one, I'll come undone
        Bm              Am
 And my world will stop spinning
            C/B        C
 And that's just the beginning, yeah

G Em Bm D x2

[Verse 2]

G           Em              Bm         D                  G
 Snow white said when I was young, one day my prince will come
      Em            Bm    D
 So I wait for that date
G             Em                Bm     D              G
 They say its hard to meet your match, find my better half
       Em           Bm      D
 So we make perfect shapes

[Pre-Chorus 2]

C                D                        Em                        Bm
 If stars don't align, if it doesn't stop time, if you cant see the sign, wait for it
C               D                      Em                           Bm
 One hundred percent, With every penny spent, he'll be the one that finishes your 



Em                    D                 A/C#                  Am
 'Cause I know you're out there, And your, your love came for me, oh
Em             D               A/C#          Am   C/B  C  Em     D
 It's a crazy idea that you were   made perfectly for  me you'll see

[Chorus 3]

G  C             F
   Just like the movies
G  C             F
   That's how it will be
G      C         Em            Bm          Am
   Cinematic and dramatic with the perfect ending, oh

G      C            F
  It's not like the movies
G     C             F
  But that's how it should be, yeah
G              C                 Em            Bm              Am
 When he's the one you'll come undone And your world will stop spinning
          C/B        C
 And it's just the beginning
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