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Kismet Chords
Band: Silent Sanctuary
Song: Kismet
Album: Fuschiang Pag-Ibig

Intro: G-Em-C

Didn't mean to take you for granted
  Em                        C
Didn't mean to show I don't care
Didn't mean to throw away this
once in a lifetime of chance
Being with you


And I'll drive for 2 hours
to bring Butterfingers
   G                G/B
I don't mind the distance
        C         D
this Kismet's a dance
This time I surrender

My everything forever
Life doesn't matter
just our souls together

Pride no longer has room in me
     Em                     C
On bended knees in public I cry
Your name for everyone to know 
that I love you
  Em                        C
I love you, please hear me now

Repeat Chorus:

Instrumental: G-Em-C (4x)

Repeat Chorus:

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