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Feel Like Drinkin Tonight Acoustic - Jack Ingram

Feel Like Drinkin Tonight Acoustic
Feel Like Drinkin' Tonight
Jack Ingram

G                          D       Em
Well they say if you can't beat'em join'em
C                     G        D
Now what would I wanna do that for
G                      D              Em
Well I aint saying the world's out to get me
C                                 D      
I just aint beating myself up any more
    C                         G
and I aint trying to save everybody
    C                          D
I'm just trying to have a good time
G                  D
So I'll be at the bar
Em         C
having a cold one
G           D         G
I feel like drinking tonight

G                  D         Em
Some people won't go around mirrors
C                    G     D
scared what they'll find inside
G                     D           Em
well i aint avoiding nothing or nobody
C                    D
see I got nothing to hide
C                       G
so go on ahead if you want to
C                     D
and turn on my closet light
     G              D   
I'll be here at the bar 
 Em         C
while you expose me
G             D      G
I feel like drinkin' tonight

G   D  Em  C  G  D  G

and I'm tired of die’in 
just to prove lifes worth living
C                                        D
and everythings' going to work out just fine

G                        D            Em
well if you've ever been put down for nothing
C           G        D
you'll find company here
     G         D           Em
no crying complaining for something
C                         D
we already know life aint fair
C                        G
I aint going to put up a protest
C                        D
I found the best way to fight
       G            D      
is to have a good time 
Em                 C
and make it a long one
G           D          G
I feel like drink'in tonight
   G         D        
so poor me a glass 
Em             C
and make it a strong one 
G           D        G      
I feel like drinkin tonight

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About the artist behind Feel Like Drinkin Tonight Acoustic:

Jack Owen Ingram (born November 15, 1970) is a Texas-based country music singer who is associated with the Texas Country music scene. He first made a living touring between Dallas and Houston and releasing several independent albums before signing with Warner Music the first of several major labels to sign him. During the independent period of his career he scored his first hit on the US Country charts with "Flutter" written by Dallas singer/songwriter Colin Boyd. His most recent studio album was 2007's This Is It.

Ingram's chart-topping success has led to a higher profile touring schedule. In 2006, he toured with superstar country duo Brooks & Dunn and country-rock crossover artist Sheryl Crow, although that tour was delayed due to Crow's breast cancer.

In 2005, Ingram signed to the independent record label Big Machine Records. Under the Big Machine banner, Ingram released a predominantly live album entitled Live: Wherever You Are.

His first single release on that record label, "Wherever You Are", became Jack's first top 40, and later his first Number One single on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. "Love You", the only other studio track on Live: Wherever You Are, was also released as a single, peaking at #12 on the charts.

In late 2006, Ingram released a cover of Hinder's song "Lips of an Angel"; Ingram's cover peaked at No. 16. "Lips of an Angel" was the lead-off single to This Is It, Ingram's second album for Big Machine. Both "Wherever You Are" and "Love You" are also included on This Is It.

He won the ACM for top new male vocalist on May 19th 2008.

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