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If We Fall In Love Chords (ver 2) - Rj Jimenez

If We Fall In Love Chords
Rj Jimenez

Sa lht ng nanonood ng Princess Hours Para sa nyu 2. .
hnd lng po aq sure sa chords.. kau na po bhala!!

verse 1: G - Am7 - Bm7 - C

There'll be no ordinary days for you
if there is someone who cares like I do.
You have no reasons to be sad anymore
I'm always ready with a smile with just a glimpse of you

     Am7            Bm7
You don't have to search no more
     Am7                               C             D
(to find/cause I am) someone who will love you for sure.

chorus: G - Em/C - C9 - Dsus

So if we fall in love
then may be we'll sing this song as one.
If we fall in love
we can write a better song than this.
If we fall in love
we will have this melody in our heads.
If we fall in love                         (G in ending)
anywhere with you would be a better place.

Verse 2:
You can watch that movie in a different light
so I'll be right there beside you, hugging you oh so tight.
'Cause we'll never be so cold and empty again                                            
                           'cause I will keep my heart and arms and never let go.

refrain and chorus

G        Dsus
Feels so good when you're around.
    G                      Em/C       Dsus
One smile from you oh I just feel so right.



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