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Bartender Chords
I never seen a good version of this done out in chords yet, so I just tried it a
basic version of it.
Capo II
          D                                    A
Bartender i really did it this time, broke my parole to have a good time
     G                                         A
when i got home it was 6 a.m. the door was locked so i kicked it in
        D                                    A                  
she was trippin on the bills i think she was high on some pills she threw my 
G                                A         
shit out into the yard, then she called me a bum and slapped me real hard
  D                                    A                            G        
and in my drunkin stuper i did what i never should have done now im sittin 
hear talkin to you drunk and on the run

               D                               A                   
im sittin at a bar on the inside waittin on my ride on the outside 
she broke my heart in the trailer park so i jacked the keys to her fuckin 
car, i crashed that piece of shit and then stepped away


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About the artist behind Bartender Chords:

Rehab is an American rap/rock group formed during the late 1990s in Atlanta, Georgia. Rehab has released two major albums so far; four other discs are also in existence.

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