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Go All The Way Chords
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			    "Go All The Way"
			(E. Carmen - W. Bryson)

Intro (there are two guitars on the record, but when I saw the Raspberries
       on TV, Wally Bryson combined both parts into one):

	Intro riff 1 [4X]:

	                                The authentic way (according to
	The easy way:                   Raspberries biographer Ken Sharp,
	                                who learned it from Wally Bryson):

        A5 Asus4 A    A  Asus4          A5 Asus4 A    A  Asus4
	------------------------        -12-10-9------9--10-10--|
	-17-15-14-----14-15-15--        -10-10-10-----10-10-10--|
	-14-14-14-----14-14-14--        -9--9--9------9--9--9---|
	-14-14-14-----14-14-14--        -7--7--7------7--7--7---|
	-0----------------------        -0----------------------|
	------------------------        ------------------------|
	[^ let ring (3rd, 4th time only)]

	Intro riff 2 [3X:]

	                        A  Asus4 [see above]
	             [^ let ring]


	bass fill:

Verse 1:

	C                     Am             Dm7
	I never knew how complete life could be
	/C       Bm7-5          E
	Til' she kissed me and said, baby


	A            F#m         D      C#m Bm
	Please (baby) go all the way
	    E       C#m              F#
	It feels so right (feels so right)
	           Bm           Dm   E
	Being with you here tonight
	A            F#m         D      C#m Bm
	Please (baby) go all the way
	      E      C#m              F#
	Just hold me close (hold me close)
	           Bm           Dm  [1: G6   2, 3: E]
	Don't ever let       me go
	          (don't let me go)

Verse 2:

	I couldn't say what I wanted to say
	'Til she whispered, "I love you" so

[repeat chorus]

[repeat intro riff #1 (2X)]


	   A  Asus4 A                   Asus4  [A variants as per Riff 2]
	Before her love I was cruel and mean
	   A     F           G              A
	I had a hole in the place where my heart should've been
	 A Asus4  A                     Asus4
	Now I'm changed and it feels so strange
	A        F             G              A        B
	I come alive when she says all those things to me
	And she says
	(Come on) come on
	E               A
	(Come on) come on
	I need you (come on)
	I love you (come on)
	   C       Esus4       E
	I need you       (come on)

[repeat chorus]


	F#m(add9)  F#m9/maj7   F#m9       F#m6  [arpeggiate on 12-string]
         xx4224     xx3224    xx2224     xx1222
	   / / / /    / / / /   / / / /    / / / /

	DaddE      A/C#      F/C        Bm  E
	  / / / /   / / / /   / / / /   / / / /

[repeat Intro Riff #1 (3X); end cold on A]

-- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers

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