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Semua Tentang Kita Chords
i think this is what i hear from the song, maybe its just depends on what chord you start..

F  C  Dm  Am  A#  F  Dm  C } 2X

F       C      Dm       Am
Waktu terasa semakin berlalu
    A#       F       Dm     C
Tinggalkan cerita tentang kita
F      C        Dm     Am
Akan tiada lagi kini tawamu
    A#       F       Dm      C
Tuk hapuskan semua sepi di hati


 F      C          Dm      Am
Ada cerita tentang aku dan dia
    A#      F         Dm     C
dan kita bersama saat dulu kala
 F      C          Dm        Am
Ada cerita tentang masa yang indah
     A#       F        Dm        C
Saat kita berduka saat kita tertawa


  F         C         Dm      Am
Teringat di saat kita tertawa bersama
A#    F         Dm      C
Ceritakan semua tentang kita


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About the artist behind Semua Tentang Kita Chords:

Peterpan is a multi-award winning Indonesian pop rock band currently consisting of Ariel, Andika, Loekman and Reza. They are well known for their simple lyrics and catchy beats and also Ariel's voice[1]

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