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Aint No Reason Tab
-------------------BRETT DENNEN - AINT NO REASON---------------------------


      F             Bb          F               C                Dm

      Bb          F                   C
                                                 There aint no reason...
        F               C                Dm

     F             C

(Brett now roughly plays the intro picking over the chords sometimes improvising. Sounds 
if you do the whole song in the picking from the beginning, but chords sound good aswell)

[Verse 1]
                Bb                     F
There ain't no reason things are this way
                      C                       Dm
It's how they' always been and they intend to stay
   C    Bb                       F
I can't explain why we live this way
We do it every day

[Verse 2]
                 Bb                 F
Preachers on the podium speakin' of saints
                C                    Dm
Prophets on the sidewalk beggin' for change
    C      Bb                     F
Old ladies laughin' from the fire escape
Cursin' my name

(chords remain the same for all verses)

[Verse 3]
I got a basket full of lemons and they all taste the same
A window and a pigeon with a broken wing
You can spend your whole life workin' for something
Just to have it taken away

[Verse 4]
People walk around pushin' back their debts
Wearin' paychecks like necklaces and bracelets
Talkin' 'bout nothin', not thinkin' 'bout death
Every little heartbeat, every little breath

[Verse 5]
People walk a tightrope on a razor's edge
Carryin' their hurt and hatred and weapons
It could be a bomb or a bullet or a pen
Or a thought or a word or a sentence

[Repeat Verse 1]

                          Dm      Bb          C
But love will come set me free
                       Dm       Bb            C
Love will come set me free,     I do          believe
                       Dm       Bb            C
Love will come set me free,     I know it     will
                       Dm       Bb            C
Love will come set me free,     yes

[Verse 6]
Prison walls still standin' tall
Some things never change at all
Keep on buildin' prisons, gonna fill them all
Keep on buildin' bombs, gonna drop them all

[Verse 7]
Workin' your fingers bare to the bones
Breakin' your back, make you sell your soul
Like a lung that's filled with coal
Suffocatin' slow

[Verse 8]
The wind blows wild and I may move
But politicians lie and I am not fooled
You don't need no reason or a three-piece suit
To argue the truth

[Verse 9]
The air on my skin and world under my toes
Slavery stitched into the fabric of my clothes
Chaos and commotion wherever I go
Love I try to follow

[repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]

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About the artist behind Aint No Reason Tab:

Dennen's music has been featured in several television shows, including"Roadtrip Nation" on PBS, Grey's Anatomy, the House episode "Family", The Unit episode "Freefall", and the Scrubs episode "My No Good Reason". He also appeared live on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on April 8th, 2008. In addition to television series, Dennen's music has also been used in national advertising campaigns for companies such as Hilton Hotels.

He has toured extensively across the U.S. with his band (including drummer Randy Schwartz), supporting such musicians as John Mayer and guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. As of fall 2007, he is currently touring with Guster and singer-songwriters Meiko and Joshua James.

Dennen has been a part of The Mosaic Project, San Francisco Bay Area based nonprofit, since its inception. The Mosaic Project works towards a peaceful future by uniting young children of diverse backgrounds, providing them with essential skills to thrive in an increasingly diverse society, and empowering them to strive for peace. As The Mosaic Project's Resident Rock Star, Dennen created an original musical curriculum for the program, which they released as an album called Children's Songs for Peace and a Better World, in 2003. It won a Children's Music Web 2004 Award and a Parent's Choice 2004 Approved Award.

In November, 2007, Dennen was named as one of Rolling Stone Magazine's "10 Artists To Watch."[2]

In 2008, Entertainment Weekly named Dennen a "Guy on the Rise", one of 8 emerging singer-songwriters.[3] After a spring tour co-headlining with Mason Jennings and opening act, Missy Higgins, Brett will go into the studio to record his 3rd release. He'll head out on the road this summer with John Mayer and Colbie Caillat hitting festivals such as the Rothbury Music Festival in Michigan and the Mile High Music Festival in Colorado. [4]

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