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Aaminin Chords
Title: Aaminin
Artist: 6 Cycle Mind
Chords by: Kokey

                      Im 89% sure in this chords...
     THis IS the NEw SOng OF 6 Cycle Mind under their Album "Fiesta"
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Intro: D-D-Bm-A
kamusta ka na?
       G             D  
Sana ikaw ay laging masaya
Kasamang mga kaibigan mo
Pakinggan mo ang sasabihin ko

 D       D
Aaminin ko
   Bm        A  
Sa lahat ng taong nandito
 D      D
Aaminin ko
 Bm        A
Ikaw pa rin ang hinahanap ko
Tanda mo pa ba 
      G                       D
Mga panahong tayo ay laging magkasama
Puno ng ligaya
      G                        Gm
Di ko naisip na bigla na lang nawala
(repeat chorus)
(Chorus 4x)
  D               D
Ako'y biktima ng galit
      Bm             A
Ako'y biktima ng pag-ibig
           D          Bm       A
Biktima na lang ba lagi sa mundong ito?

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About the artist behind Aaminin Chords:

6 Cycle Mind (or Six Cycle Mind / 6cyclemind) is a Filipino band composed of Rhoneil "Ney" Dimaculangan on lead vocals, Ryan "Rye" Sarmiento on rhythm guitars and backup vocals, Carlos "Chuck" Isidro on lead guitars, Bobby "Bob" CaƱamo on bass and Tito Fortunato "Tutti" Caringal on drums. Their music is a fusion of alternative music and pop music.

The band was named 6cyclemind even though they are only five because they consider their manager as their sixth member. Their manager wrote most of the band's hits.[citation needed] They have successfully released four albums under Sony BMG Records Philippines: Permission to Shine (2003), Panorama (2005), Home, & Fiesta (2007).

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