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A Little Bit Chords (ver 2) - Mymp

A Little Bit Chords

A Little BIt

tabbed by richard andres a.k.a roger
this song is 4 my love haydee rivera luv u so much

Intro: DM7 - c#m7 - CM7 - c#m/B

Verse I
I was kinda hesitant to tell you
Should I let you know
I was never really like this before
     G#m7     D/B - c#m/Bb
Need I say more

   cm/A                             EM7
Or maybe I'm confused when you are near me
  cm/A                              G#m7   D/B - c#m/Bb
I don't know what to do or I should be
        cm/A                G#m7   c#m7
There's only one thing in my mind
       DM7          c#m/B
That's you and me

I'm a little bit of crazy
      G#m7            c#m7
I'm a little bit of a fool
I'm a little bit of lonely
      G#m7           D/B-c#m/Bb
I'm a little bit of all
Oh, I need a cure 
       G#m7           c#m7
Just a little bit of you
           DM7   c#m/B   hold
And I will fall

Verse II
(Do verse I chord pattern)
I'm always on the run to see you 
Would you allow me to
It wasn't my attention to hurt you
This feeling is true 


(Repeat Refrain)

(Repeat chorus except last line)

              DM7 - c#m7 - CM7 - c#m/B
...And I will fall

Adlib: cm/A - G#m7 - c#m7 - cm/A - G#m7 - D/B-c#m/Bb


(Repeat Refrain)

(Repeat chorus except last line)

              DM7 - c#m7 - CM7 - c#m/B
...And I will fall

(Repeat Chorus except last line)

              DM7 - c#m7 - CM7 - c#m/B  EM7 hold
...And I will fall

Chords Illustration:
DM7     c#m7    CM7     c#m/B   cm/A
e--5--- e--4--- e--3--- e--0--- e--4---
B--7--- B--5--- B--5--- B--2--- B--5---
G--6--- G--4--- G--4--- G--x--- G--6---
D--7--- D--6--- D--5--- D--x--- D--x---
A--5--- A--4--- A--3--- A--2--- A--0---
E--x--- E--x--- E--x--- E--x--- E--x---

EM7     G#m7    D/B     c#m/Bb 
e--4--- e--4--- e--x--- e--x--- 
B--4--- B--4--- B--7--- B--5--- 
G--4--- G--4--- G--7--- G--6--- 
D--2--- D--4--- D--x--- D--x--- 
A--x--- A--6--- A--x--- A--x--- 
E--x--- E--4--- E--7--- E--6---

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