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Teach Me Chords
"Teach Me"
Artist: Musiq Soulchild
tabbed by: qweyet Gi

My suggestion for when it comes to the bridge, play the barred chords.
Also, there is a portion of the bridge that goes [Bmaj7 - F#maj - Emaj]. Play the lower 
and open chord [Emaj] as the chords progess lower. The rest of song, I would follow the 
Leave any criticisms.

     Emaj    F#maj   G#m

    Emaj          Emaj          Emaj         F#maj       

Verse 1:
 Emaj                               F#maj       G#m
I was told the true definition of a man was to never cry
 Emaj                      Emaj
Work till you tired (yeah) got to provide (yeah)
 Emaj                         F#maj         G#m
Always be the rock for my fam, protect them by all means
    Emaj                         Emaj
And give you the things that you need, baby.
 Emaj                         F#maj              G#m
Our relationship is suffering trying to give you what I never had
You say I don't know to love you baby
Well I say show me the way
I keep my feelings deep inside I
 F#maj              G#m
Shadow them with my pride eye
 Emaj       E6
I'm trying desperately baby just work with me

Teach me how to love
           F#maj      G#m       Emaj               Emaj
Show me the way to surrender my heart, girl I'm so lost
Teach me how to love
          F#m     G#m      Emaj
How I can get my emotions involved
 E6                      Emaj
Teach me, show me how to love
           F#maj      G#m       Emaj            Emaj
Show me the way to surrender my heart, girl I'm lost
Teach me how to love
          F#m     G#m
How I can get my emotions involved
Teach me, how to love

Verse 2:
I was always taught to be strong
 F#maj                   G#m
never let them think you care at all
 Emaj                     Emaj
Let no one get close to me, before you and me
 Emaj                                       F#maj
I 'den shared things with you girl about my past
         G#m          Emaj
That I'd never tell to anyone else (no)
Just keep it to myself, (yes)
 Emaj                           F#maj         G#m
Now I know I lack affection and expressing my feelings
 Emaj                  Emaj
It took me a minute to come and admit this but
See I'm really tryin' a change now
 F#maj                 G#m
Wanna love you better, show me how
 Emaj      E6
I'm tryin desperately baby hey


 Emaj                                   C#m                         Bmaj7
Ain't nobody ever took the time to try to teach me what love was but you
                        F#maj                                   G#m
And I ain't never trust no one enough to let em tell me what to do
Teach me how to show it and show me how to love you baby
 Bmaj7                   F#maj
Teach me, please just show me yeah
Cause I'm willing
       C#m      F#maj           Bmaj7    F#maj
To let go of my fears girl I'm serious
About all that I've said
        Emaj               F#maj
Girl I wanna love you with all my heart
 G#m                  F#maj
Baby show me where to start


Girl just teach me how to love you better
    F#maj                G#m
You know I wanna love you better girl

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About the artist behind Teach Me Chords:

Taalib Johnson a.k.a Musiq Soulchild (born September 16, 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a soul artist whose style blends R&B, Soul, Funk, Rock, Blues, Jazz, and Hip Hop. “I consider myself a soul artist because it encompasses all genres of music!" Musiq states “I like to make music that means something to people, nowadays there are so many categories and labels, I just wanna make music that matters!”

Musiq is the eldest of nine children “I always saw myself as the black sheep of the family; I was always doing my own thing!” At an early age, Musiq decided he would discontinue his high school education, which proved to make his road to success much more difficult "I really wish I stayed, cause even though I didn't like it that much I still could've taken advantage of the many resources that being in school has to offer!” When Musiq was 17 he left home to live life on his own terms, finding himself having to depend on the kindness of friends, and sometimes strangers, as he struggled with everyday survival "Man, I did what I had to, I slept on couches, the bus, the train, the park, whatever, it didn't matter, I just knew things wasn't gonna be that way forever!” It was during that time Musiq started to build a reputation for being musically gifted, beat boxing for MC's, free styling on the open mic circuit, scatting at a jazz club, or just performing a cappella in the streets of Philadelphia, which is where he got the name "Musiq" and later he added "Soulchild" which is intended to respect and represent the legacy and traditions of past great soul stars.

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