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Blue Night Tab
  Michael Learns to Rock - Blue Night

  Intro:   C G D            G       D   Em          C G D G D G


 C        G             D
  Lately you have been asking me
 G           D         Em
  If all my words are true
 C           G            D            G
  Don't you know I'll do anything for you

 C             G             D
  Sometimes I haven't been good to you
 G                D       Em
  Sometimes I've made you cry
 C          G          D
  And I am sorry for everything
         C                   D
  But I promise you girl, I promise you this

  Chorus :

            G     C       D       G
  When the blue night is over my face
         Em    C           D         Em
  On the dark side of the world in space
            G    C              B     Em
  When I'm all alone with the stars above
  C            D     G
  You are the one I love

 C                G       D
  So there's no need to worry girl
 G             D          Em
  My heart is sealed for you
 C        G            D
  And no one's gonna take it away
           C                   D
  Cos' I promise you girl, I promise you this


   D     C       D   C     D  Em      G
  Your voice is calling to me in my dreams
  D   C       D    C   D              B7
  My love is stronger than it's ever been


      G      D          Em      D     Em            C        G       D

    Em       G         D         

  [Chorus] x 2

 G              C              B      Em
  When I'm all alone with the stars above
   C           D     G
  You are the one I love

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