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Light Of The World Chords
Capo 4

Verse 1
               Em                D         G
O Jesus Son of God so full of grace and truth
                    Em              D      G
The Father's saving Word so wonderful are You
Am7          G/B         C                       
 The angels longed to see and prophets searched to find
Am7       G/B              C
 The glory we have seen revealed

Verse 2
                    Em                 D/F#   G
You shone upon the earth but who will understand
                    Em              D/F#    G
You came unto Your own but who will recognize
Am7             G/B         C              D
 Your birth was prophesied   for You were the Messiah
Am7           G/B              C
 Who came and walked upon the earth
Am7         G/B         C            D   
 Your glory we have seen the one and only King
Am7             G/B           C
 And now You're living in our hearts

Light of the world Light of the world
Light of the world You shine upon us

Verse 3
             Em                         D/F#      G
In You all things were made and nothing without You
                  Em                  D/F#      G
In heaven and on earth all things are held in You
Am7          G/B         C           D     
 And yet You became flesh Living as one of us
Am7        G/B            C     
 Under the shadow of the cross
Am7                 G/B                   
 Where through the blood You shed
C               D
 You have made peace again
Am7            G/B                C     
 Peace for the world that God so loves

(Repeat Chorus)
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About the artist behind Light Of The World Chords:

Matt Redman is an English Christian worship leader and songwriter, and was one of the main worship leaders associated with the Soul Survivor organisation. He is now working with a church plant in Brighton, England. His latest Church was opened late in 2006 at St Paul's Catholic College (Burgess Hill) in Burgess Hill. He also works with Newfrontiers, Passion Conferences and an artist for Survivor Records (Six Steps Records in the US).

He recently appeared with Hillsong London for a song on their latest album Jesus Is; he co-wrote and sung the song "Greatest Gift".

Many Contemporary Christian music (CCM) artists such as Michael W. Smith, Rebecca St. James, David Crowder Band, and Tree63 have covered a number of Redman's songs. Some of his most popular songs include "Heart Of Worship", "Let Everything That Has Breath", "Once Again", "Undignified" and the 2005 Dove Award-winning "Blessed Be Your Name" (Worship Song of the Year). He regularly works alongside other Christian artists such as Phatfish and Chris Tomlin.

Matt started out leading worship at a young age at St Andrews, Chorleywood, moving to help start up Soul Survivor alongside Mike Pilavachi and was formerly the worship leader for Soul Survivor church in Watford, and led worship at the annual Soul Survivor youth conferences. According to founder Mike Pilavachi, the Soul Survivor festivals (which began in 1993) grew out of worship sessions with him and the then 15-year-old Redman.[1] After a sabbatical in America recording Where Angels Fear To Tread, Matt moved to Brighton to work with Terry Virgo at the Newfrontiers church CCK. He formed close friendships with the worship team there and regularly works alongside Phatfish at the annual Newday event organised by the stream. He also appeared at the Together On A Mission conference alongside the band helping to lead worship in 2007. After CCK, Matt started The Point church near Brighton with Will Kemp, where he is currently based.

He has authored and edited multiple books on Christian worship, including The Unquenchable Worshipper and the book Facedown which accompanied the album of the same name.

Redman is currently (2005) based in Burgess Hill near Brighton, England, where he lives with his wife Beth (formerly of the World Wide Message Tribe) and three children: Maisey, Noah, and Rocco.

Matt Redman's last album to be released was Beautiful News in December 26, 2006.

Indexed at Wikipedia.

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