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God Blessed Texas Chords
By Little Texas

I've seen a lot of places

I've been around the world
I've seen some pretty faces
Been with some beautiful girls

After all I've witnessed

One thing still amazes me
E                                           A
Just like a miracle, you have to see to believe

CHO....	'Cause God blessed Texas

	With his own hand
	Brought down angels from the promised land
	He gave 'em a place where they could dance
	If you want to see Heaven, brother, here's your chance
        E                                    A(STOP)
	I've been sent to spread the message

	God blessed Texas

First he let the sun shine

Then He made the waters deep
Then He gave us moonlight
For all the world to see

Well everybody knows that the Lord works in mysterious ways
E                                     A
He took a rest then on the very next day


D   A   D   A   E   A


E                                           A(STOP)
Well	I've been sent to spread the message  God blessed Texas
E                                           A(STOP)                   A
Well	I've been sent to spread the message  mmmmmm God blessed Texas

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About the artist behind God Blessed Texas Chords:

Little Texas is an American country music band founded in Arlington, Texas in 1988. Originally, the band's lineup comprised Tim Rushlow (lead vocals) and Brady Seals (lead vocals, background vocals, keyboards), Del Gray (drums), Porter Howell (lead guitar), Dwayne O'Brien (rhythm guitar), and Duane Propes (bass guitar).

Signed to Warner Bros. Records in 1991, Little Texas released its debut album First Time For Everything that year; the album's lead off single, "Some Guys Have All the Love", reached a peak of #8 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts. Little Texas continued to produce hit singles throughout the mid-1990s, including the Number One single "My Love", and Top Ten hits in "You and Forever and Me" (1992), "What Might Have Been" (1993), "God Blessed Texas" (1993), "Kick a Little" (1994), "Amy's Back in Austin" (1995) and "Life Goes On" (1995).

After four albums and a Greatest Hits package, the group disbanded in 1997, with Rushlow and Seals both forming solo careers, and eventually other bands. By 2004, the four remaining original members — Gray, Howell, O'Brien, and Propes, along with newly-selected lead vocalist Steven Troy — re-established the group. Troy departed in 2006, with Howell taking over on lead vocals; under the four piece lineup of Gray, Howell, O'Brien and Propes, the band has recorded two albums for Montage Music Group.

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