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Iniibig Kita Chords
Title: Iniibig kita
Artist: Kitchie NAdal

        This is the new song of kitchie NAdal..I hope you like it..
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Intro: GM7-Bm-GM7-Bm

 GM7      Bm   GM7 Bm
Ano ang nasa isip mo
 GM7      Bm   GM7 Bm
Ito ba'ng damdamin ko
 F        C     G Bm GM7 Bm
Naghihinalang may nararamdaman

 GM7      Bm   GM7 Bm
Isang tanong, isang sagot
 GM7      Bm   GM7 Bm
Lumiliko, lumalayo
F          C  G  Bm
Panalangin ko'y matagpuan

G Bm    G Bm       F
Iniibig, iniibig, iniibig
 C    G
Iniibig kita

   GM7     Bm        GM7-Bm
Hanggang sa dulo ng mundo
  GM7     Bm-GM7 Bm
Buong pagkatao ko
 F           C        GM7 Bm
Hahamunin, mapasaiyo lamang

[repeat Chorus]
D      Bm     G
Mula noon hanggang ngayon
  G       Bm   G  Bm
Pati kinabukasan ko
 F    C           GM7 Bm
Patutunayan, iniibig kita

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About the artist behind Iniibig Kita Chords:

Anna Katrina Dumilon Nadal (born September 16, 1980), more commonly known as Kitchie Nadal, is a singer and songwriter from Manila, Philippines, formerly the lead vocalist for the alternative rock band, Mojofly. Kitchie's popularity in the female OPM niche grew after she released a self-titled solo album featuring her chart-topping single, Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin.[1]. The album has since achieved double platinum status (over 80,000 copies sold).[2] In support of the Millennium Campaign, Kitchie Nadal and 26 other Filipino artists contributed to the album entitled Tayo Tayo Rin Sa 2015 - Sing the Songs. Find your Voice. Change the World. It's your Choice, released by the United Nations (in the Philippines).[3][4]

While currently touring and preparing for her next album, Kitchie also completed a double degree major in Education and Psychology at De La Salle University-Manila.[5]

The enchanting voice of Kitchie Nadal who interpreted an original “Iniibig Kita,” has been included in ABS-CBN's first tele-epiko entitled, Rounin.

March 2008 Kitchie released her much awaited 2nd album "LOVE LETTER" with 17 all original tracks. Her latest single Highway which was used for Caltex is now being aired on the radio. A video of this song will air soon.

She is now the latest endorser of a multinational gas company 'Caltex'. Kitchie appeared in the latest Caltex commercial along with other international musicians. The latest commercial was shot at South Africa and is now being aired on different countries.

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