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Garaj Baras Chords
Ripped  by Saad Khan
Submitted By Syed Naved Ullah Shah
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Opening Riff

B                3   1
G                      2 0
D                          2
A     2   2   2
E   0   0   5



Em            Am
Garaj baras sawan phir ayoo
Em            Am
Garaj baras sawan phir ayoo


Bm                                     Am
Dekho kaise anjane rastoon pe barsee ghata aaaa
Bm                                Am
Aoo leleen mutwali mustani rutt ka maza aaa


Am         G       D
Aaa aa bhi ja meri jaan aa bhi jaa
Am            G     D
Chahe tu zeher de ya jeene ki dua
Am              G       D
Kaisa ye nata hai sansoon se sansoon ka
Am              G        D        Am
Sun tu lee de sada bheegi bheegi faza aaaaa


E   12           7 9 12 12 0            7 9 12 12 0    16 16 16 17 16
21 21
B      6 7 8 8 0              6 7 8 8 0

2nd Verse has same chords as first. There is a lot of wah wah pedal use
in the
song both in playing the chords and the lead, gives it a Led Zepplin
feel. The
lead is not accurate, its just to give an idea of the scale that was

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About the artist behind Garaj Baras Chords:

Junoon (Urdu: جنون) (meaning "obsession" in Urdu and "madness" in Arabic) is one of Pakistan and South Asia's most popular Rock bands, based out of Karachi, Pakistan, and formed in 1990 by guitarist/songwriter/medical doctor Salman Ahmad. Junoon is considered to be one of the most successful bands in the history of music in South Asia. It basically comes in the genre of Sufi rock. At the time, Junoon consisted of two other members: Ali Azmat on vocals and Nusrat Hussain on keyboards.

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