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Cant Be Too Long Chords
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FROM: Lukas Lechner, Woergl, Austria
DATE:  Sun, 27 May 2001 6:08 p.m. GMT+1
ARTIST: Grand Funk Railroad
SONG: Can't Be Too Long
ALBUM: On Time, 1969

		Can't Be Too Long
		written by Mark Farner

Intro (with drums, Don!)    E   C

E        C

E			G
The heat of a summer day
G                    G   A
Down and Down on my back
A            A            A    E
Work like a dog in the sunlight
E          E          E
Tryin' to pay the people back
E	    G                   A
I killed a man in the springtime
A      A-E              E
Had to happen just to make it damn
E          G          A 	     E
To buy my baby the things that she needs
E                            G
I guess I didn't think twice
And now I have to pay the price
For killing a man of another creed

E      C  D   E	     C
Aaaaahhh   aaaahh  aaah


Bm         F#m              Bm
I guess I have to be strong
Bm              F#m               D  D#  E
The rest of my life can't be too long
E        G            A
I know I die some day
 A               E
And we're going far away
 E	 	G            A              E
And you won't remember the things that I've done.

I feel a shedding tear
It's only been a year
But I know I'll be dead
When that ev'ning comes

E	C  D	E	C       E
Aaaaaahhh    aaaah   aaaaah

 then play this little riff 3 times:


and change into Bm

Bm         F#m              Bm
I guess I have to be strong
Bm              F#m               D  D#  E
The rest of my life can't be too long

E	C  D	E	C       E
Aaaaaahhh    aaaah   aaaaah

slow part E-C

E...G...A...E    and off we go!

Solo over E  G  A     keep this pattern going

fulminating end

Ain't it a great tune?


Corrections, questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome, just e-mail me!

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	|	-Ray Davies, 1965			          |
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About the artist behind Cant Be Too Long Chords:

Grand Funk Railroad (later known as Grand Funk) is an American rock band. The Grand Funk Railroad lineup was highly popular during the 1970s, having sold over 25 million records and selling out arenas worldwide and having been awarded four RIAA gold albums in 1970, the most for any American Group that year. The current Grand Funk Railroad lineup uses the nickname "The American Band", from their hit song "We're an American Band". A popular take on the band during their heyday was that the critics hated them, but audiences loved them. Contrary to the name, the band is not a real funk band; but rather an attempt to pun the name "Grand Trunk Railroad" as that railroad went through Flint; although some sources cite the band's "The Locomotion" cover song as a funk track.

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