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Plan Your Escape Chords
Throughout the verse, allways Em - Am
At the start of the chorus G - Bm, then again Em - Am
I sing the song in the dark           	Em - Am
Cause I'm done in the lock
Of those treasure we've fall
When we dug up the ground

I spend the days and the nights	 	
Watching friends and their wives
Me on locked in the song
Women asked if we were young

My blood froze up in my veins           G  - Bm                 
While you stared at the floor

If I had a gun in my hand               Em - Am
Would I see in the end
Of this life on the rack
Something I could regret

Or would I smile to the world
Leave it when it gets caught
Thank you for what I've got
Fuck you for what I'm not

My blood froze up in my veins           G  - Bm
While I stared at the floor
You know some planets are gone
And I plan my escape

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