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Little Bird Chords
G                 C                 G
Little bird come sit upon my window sill
             C                  D
Sat there through the falling rain
G                      C                  G
I watched that little bird upon my window sill
        C           D            G
Saw my thoughts of you go by again

C             D
Picture of my face
G             Em
On the window pane
C              D            G
Is it tears I see or is it rain?

Yeah, I remember how we talked before we said goodbye
Too young to know the world outside our door
We laughed and said that love was free, birds that fly the winds
The rainy day made me think of you once more


No regrets about the past, I see how young we were
When the world was love and time was but a thought
Many things go many ways and many times but once
'Til your life has passed and your love is but a thought


[Instrumental break - G C G C D Em]

So as my thoughts go tumbling back, I wonder how you loved
Wonder if you've seen that little bird
Wonder if he's sat upon your window sill
Wonder if you'll ever hear these words


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About the artist behind Little Bird Chords:

Jerry Jeff Walker (born March 16, 1942) is a country music singer.

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