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Dati Chords
Title: Dati
Artist: Freestyle
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Intro: GM7-F#m-B-Em-A-DM7

  GM7                  F#m           Bm
Mga pagkukulang sana'y hayaang mabawi
 Em           A              DM7
Ika'y di na nais pang muling saktan
   GM7               F#m           Bm  
Di ko maisip kung maari mo pang pagbigyan ang
     Em          A         D
PAg-ibig na dati ay walang hanggan
      GM7               F#m
Ako ma'y manghinayang nagunit
       Bm         Em
 nagsawa pagkukulang

 A              DM7                 GM7
Paulit-ulit ka nalang lagi ng napapagod
 F#m                          Em
Huwag nang dagdagan ang mga pangko
   A           DM7
Sana'y maintindihan 
   D        F#m                          Em
Di maamin kung kakayaning di na nga kailangan
  A                       DM7
Ang pag-ibig na sa iyo'y nababalik
                        GM7       F#m                 Em
Tuluyan na nga kaya baguhin na ang pagtingin sa pag-ibig 
 A                     DM7
na dati ay walang hangganan

Tuluyan nang nagbabago
Sana'y maunawaan mo
Kahit may pag-ibig pa
     Em                             F
Di na nais makasasama ka hindi mababago
maghihintay lamang sayo
         Dm C                E
Pag-ibig laan lamang sa iyo       
Pag-ibig ay di dapat ganito

Adlib" G-F#m-Bm-Em-A-DM7
 (repeat chorus)

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About the artist behind Dati Chords:

Freestyle or Latin Freestyle, also called Latin Hip Hop in its early years, is a form of electronic music that is heavily influenced by Latin American culture. Performers such as Safire, Information Society, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, TKA, George Lamond, and Expose are notable performers of this genre. Freestyle originated in New York in the early 80's. It continues to be produced today and enjoys some degree of popularity, especially in urban Latino and Italian American communities. Another popular modern dance music genre, Florida breaks, evolved from this sound.

The music first developed primarily in New York City and Miami in the mid-1980s. It eventually spread to many other cities with Hispanic populations. Initially, it was a fusion of the vocal styles found in 1970s disco music with the syncopated, synthetic instrumentation of 1980s electro, as favored by fans of breakdancing. It was also influenced by sampling, as found in hip hop music. In the 1990s, the electro and hip hop influences were supplanted by house music.

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