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Beautiful With You Chords
Intro:  D A D A

Verse One:
D                      A
    I stare at the girl in the mirror
D              A
    T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen
   But the way that you see me
You get underneath me
And all my defenses just fall away
Fall away

F#m      A                  E
   I am beautiful with you
                   A         E
Even in the darkest part of me
F#m      A                  E
   I am beautiful with you
                         A           E
Make it feel the way it's supposed to be
D           F#m
  You're here with me
Just show me this and I'll believe
F#m   A                  E
I am beautiful with you

Verse Two:
D            A
  I stand naked before you now
D                  A
  No walls to hide behind, so here am I
   You see all of my scars
Still here you are
I bare my soul and I'm not afraid
Not afraid

      Bm                           F#m
I've been the strong one for so long
But I was wrong
It doesn't make you weak if you're needing someone
I'm not holding back and I know what I want

F#m  A                    E  A  E
I am beautiful with you
F#m A                     E  A  E
I am beautiful with you
D                  F#m
You want me for myself
You get me like no one else

F#m  A                    E  A
I am beautiful with you
With you

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