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Phanka Frame Chords
A              D
Phanka frame r okejo hat-ghori
E               A
nie ekhon ami ki kori
A            D
antennay r ossother dal e
E                  A
jhule thaki prottek sokale
A              E
sohure sondhay...bondor e
D              A
rumal nere ami jahaj tarai
A           E         D                A
onek ratre station e...platform gulote vikhiri sajai
aj 150 bochor ageo ami
D                        A                   D
tomay khuje pother dhare klanto hoe suechilam evabei thik ondhokare
A                     E
ekhon tumi khujte ele
A                   D
150 bochor ageo ami tomay cheye gan likhechi
A                         D
pukur dhar e joler gondhe bangla vashay chokh dhuyechi
A                     E
ekhon tumi khujte ele...
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