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I Get Low Chords
                             Timber Timbre - I Get Low
Album : Timber Timbre (2009)
Tempo : 60
Tabbed by: newg

Capo 6

Main rythm :
  1   2   3   4    1   2   3   4
| - - - - - - - -| - - - - - - - -|
  Dm          C    Am         (Riff)

Riff :
 Guitare   Piano
e |------|--------|
B |------|--5-4-3-|
G |------|--------|
D |------|--------|
A |--0--3|--------|
E |------|--------|

Dm   C Am

Dm                        C       Am
  If I could I would turn            Back into dust
Dm                             C  Am
  You would look so good to me       I could almost taste it
Dm                      C         Am
  One moment I'm a king              The next minute nothing
Dm                             C  Am
  I just wanted to feel alright      But it's not that simple

Dm             C    Am             Dm    
C  Am
I get low, low, low, low, low, low On my own           x2

(Dm   C Am)
In the palm of my hand   An empire summoned
And as it was born,  All the substance crumbled
It was a vain attempt, At the meaning of life
And I should have better ways, Of spending my time
Like climb the mountain, Like sail the sea
Like build my house up, Or start my family
It's time to get out, It's time to make a living
I reach the summit, But I come tumbling back down

Dm             C    Am             Dm    
C  Am
I get low, low, low, low, low, low On my own           x4

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