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Ami Tomakei Bole Debo Chords
Necessary Chords are:


Aami(F#)tomakei bole debo
kije (C#)eka dirgho raat
Aami(B)hete gechi biranpo(C#)the
Aami(F#)tomake bole debo
shei (C#)bhule bhora golpo
kora (B)nere gechi bhul doro(C#)jai
Chuye (G#m)kannar rong chuye (B)jochonar chaya
Chuye (G#m)kannar rong (E)
Chuye (B)jochonar chaya
Aami(F#)kauke bolini she(B)naam
keu (G#m)jane na (B)jane Aa(C#)ral
Jaane (G#m)kannar rong jaane (B)jochonar chaya
Tobe (F#)ei hok tire jaguk pla(B)bon
Din (G#m)hok labonno (B)hridoye (C#)srabon
Tumi (G#m)kannar rong tumi (B)jochnar chaya 
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