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Let Praise Awaken Chords
Bb - Dm - C (x4)

Verse 1:
Bb - Dm - C          
Let praise awaken 
Bb - Dm - C
Inside of every heart
Bb - Dm - C      
For He is awesome
Bb - Dm - C   
Our God is awesome

Dm C Bb C
You are faithful, and Youʼre able to do anything
Dm       C                  G Bb
So I trust You, never doubt You, Cause You hold it all

C    Dm        Bb     F/A
Everyday of my life Iʼll praise You
C      Dm         Bb          F/A
Every moment Iʼll bless Your name
C           Dm       Bb     F/A
You have given me love unfailing
C -Dm-Bb   C -Dm-Bb     
B  -  E  -  Y      B  -  E  -  Y

Verse 2:
The ground is shaking
As weʼre singing loud
For He is awesome
Our God is awesome


(Instrumental) F5 Ab Bb (x4)

F5   Ab      Bb
Let praise awaken in this generation 
F5   Ab           Bb
Let praise awaken all around the world  
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