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Same Love Chords

Intro: G - C2 - G - C2

G             C2 
You chose the humble and raised them high 
G             C2 
You chose the weak and made them strong 
Em           D/F#         C2 
You heal our brokenness inside and give us life

G                          D 
The same love that set the captives free 
Em                        C2 
The same love that opened eyes to see 
   G                 D       
Is calling us all by name, 
        Em                C2
You are calling us all by name 
G                            D 
The same God that spread the heavens wide 
Em                    C2 
The same God that was crucified 
   G                 D      
Is calling us all by name, 
        Em                C2 
You are calling us all by name

You take the faithless one aside 
And speak the words "You are mine" 
You call the cynic and the proud, "Come to me now"

C2    D   Em  C2  D      Em   C2 
Oh,       Oh,     Oh,    Oh 
C2    D   Em  C2  D      Em   C2 
Oh,       Oh,     Oh,    Oh

G               D 
You're calling, You're calling 
Em             C2 
You're calling us to the cross
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About the artist behind Same Love Chords:

Paul Baloche (born on June 4, 1962) is an American Christian music artist, worship leader, and singer-songwriter. A native of Maple Shade, New Jersey[1], Baloche is currently the worship pastor at Community Christian Fellowship in Lindale, Texas. Baloche composes on piano and acoustic guitar, favoring guitar when leading worship. His wife, Rita Baloche, is also a Christian songwriter.

Several Christian artists, such as Michael W. Smith and SONICFLOOd, have recorded Baloche's songs. Many of his songs are among the most performed songs in services according to CCLI, a company that handles copyright licensing of Christian songs and other resource materials for use in churches. Among them are "Open the Eyes of My Heart" (ranked number 2) and "Above All" (ranked number 22), cowritten with Lenny Leblanc. "Above All" was nominated for Song of the Year in both the 2002 and 2003 Dove Awards, and in 2002, Michael W. Smith's recording of that song won Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year. Baloche was also nominated for Songwriter of the Year in 2002.

Baloche uses his position as a recording artist to provide resources for churches. His catalog of six albums is focused on providing worship music for the listener to worship along with, and for churches to use in their own services. His albums are released by Hosanna! Music, a division of Integrity Music. Through Integrity, Baloche has also written a book, God Songs, and released instructional DVDs that cover a variety of issues central to contemporary worship, such as music styles, music theory, creating flow in worship, and guitar techniques (including his distinct open chord voicings).

In addition to his material output, Baloche annually participates in several seminars for worship leaders and musicians throughout North America (many of which are facilitated by Integrity), and has started to participate in seminars in Asia as well.

His 2006 release, A Greater Song, is a live recording featuring new songs, some cowritten with leading worship artists like Matt Redman ("A Greater Song") and Integrity Media executive vice president and Integrity Music president Don Moen ("Thank You Lord").

Baloche's son David graduated second in his class of around 250 kids at Lindale High School as Salutatorian on May 30, 2008.

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