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I Love It Chords
Icona Pop - I Love It (2012)
Transcribed 14/7-2012 by Jon Malmin (
Tuning: Standard E (capo 1st fret!)

All the verses and bridges are the same, so I'm just showing them once each. You'll
learn this in no time, it's almost the same G-C progression all the time.

I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone
I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn
I threw your shit into a bag and pushed it down the stairs
I crashed my car into the bridge.

I don't care, I love it 
I don't care


Am                        Bb
You're on a different road, I'm in the milky way
You want me down on earth, but I am up in space
                Am                      Bb
You're so damn hard to please, we gotta kill this switch
You're from the 70s, but I'm a 90s bitch

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